Monday, October 28, 2013

Be "ALL IN" this season...

Okay, so let's not even discuss my lack of consistency when it comes to keeping up with this blog!  We will just glaze right over that and go on... K? K!

Recently I was thinking it was time to update and was pondering what to write about.   You know when you see or hear something and it just "sits" with you for several days.   Well, that happened to me last week.  I heard someone say to one of my friends and I'm paraphrasing, you are amazing and so involved in your kids lives / activities.  Her response was, I have no choice but to be "all in everyday" because I don't want to miss a thing, this time with them goes so fast!  I thought, how wise that is!  Now, we have all been there as older mom will say to you, "enjoy this time, it will pass so quickly" and we listen, but brush it off because, frankly we are in the midst of the day to day busyness.  Did I pack a snack and water bottle for after school practice?  Did I send in money for that yearbook, pictures, club t-shirt, fundraiser, etc, etc, etc.  (and we all know as parents there are plenty of those ETC's!)  However, it was interesting to hear it come from a Mom that is in the same phase of life that I am in with similar aged children.   It was really profound and therefore I have chosen to take that advice and do my best to be ALL IN EVERYDAY!  (Thanks, SB for the perspective!)

On a similar note... my favorite rockstar mentor, Beth Picard.  A/K/A "My Friend Beth" of my favorite graphics company; Great Graphics...  If you pop over to her website and are familiar with our products you will see that a good bit of what we create starts with this awesome artist!  Check her out;  or tweet her @Beth_Picard (...yes, I know you all are tweeting now thanks to my, "how to" on Twitter right?  Just kidding...)   Anyway, she recently was sharing some thoughts with our creative group about the upcoming holiday season and said the following;  "....don't get caught up, don't get stressed out, ENJOY your holidays- remember when you used to ENJOY decorating, cooking, wrapping presents, having friends over, watching Christmas movies-(I highly recommend It's a Wonderful Life) or the Grinch, Charlie Brown or Rudolph, even shopping. 
Enjoy the next 2 months, set aside time to play, time to rest, time to enjoy all the fun the next 2 months hold in store for you, if you are present and paying attention you won't miss it."  HOW MUCH DO YOU TOTALLY LOVE THAT LAST LINE?!?!  Let me repeat it for you in case you missed it...IF YOU ARE PRESENT AND PAYING ATTENTION YOU WON'T MISS IT! we enter into Monday of a new week, a bit slower than any other day...good grief, that alarm clock certainly seems louder and more annoying on Monday...who's with me on that?   Let's take the advice of these wise women in my life... be "ALL IN EVERYDAY" and be "PRESENT AND PAYING ATTENTION" to the important things in life...our families, our friends, our pets, our health and our other many blessings!    With that thought I'm off to make it a great week...come with me!  Ready? GO!

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Thoughts for the day...

So there is your Facebook status...somewhat limiting just in the fact that how much are you really going to read beyond 3 or 4 lines of a status?  Then you could tweet...definitely limiting, keep it under 140 characters, people!  Maybe even post a photo on Instagram and certainly don't forget the #hashtags!  But the point is, what if you have a bit more to say?  Which is where I am today...

Sure, there are definitely some things to complain about, the renovation that is taking double the time allotted or projected.  The weather that just seems like it wants to HOLD ON to winter just a bit longer.   That endless to do list, and the few things that we forgot to add and missed...please forgive me,  my sweet child,  for the picture blunder!  However this would be a better use of time to point out a few positives instead...

1. Good things take time and will be worth the wait.
2. Spring will arrive, it's a proven scientific fact!
3. Mistakes will be made, learned from, and most hopefully... forgiven.

So with that attitude I will proceed with my day.  Knowing that the perspective I take on life's little annoyances will be the difference between getting thru the day and being blessed by the day.

So with that in mind... go have a great day!