Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hey, write me a note!

So at the risk of totally showing my age, I'm going to admit something...

I'm from the era of passing notes at school.   Yes, believe it or not some of us who currently rely so heavily on our iPhone, texting and email to communicate remember a time when there were no computers at school and the main means for communicating anything was note writing.  I can still remember heading into class and shouting out to one of my friends, hey write me a note!  I guess that is why I still haven't outgrown the excitement of getting mail either!  You know when you head for the mailbox to pick up your daily allotment of flyers, coupons, a few bills here or there and mixed in you see it really handwritten?  Is it for me?  Who sent it?  And you fly through the pile to find a handwritten note or card addressed to you!  How awesome is that?  It immediately makes you feel loved and important.  In this time when so much of our communication is immediate how nice it is to receive  handwritten correspondence that someone took the time and effort to send to you.

So back to the being in school thing and passing's a funny story for you; due to the miracle that is modern technology (also know as Facebook to many of us)  I've been able to reconnect with one of my best grade school, note writing friends!  Ironically, she owns an awesome company that makes handmade cards and provides a wait for it....Card Service!  Yes, can you almost hear the choir of angels singing when I say that?  Card Service, as in you don't ever have to remember to get a card in the mail on time for your Great Aunt Myra!  You sign up once a year and give her a list of birthdays, anniversaries, bosses day, Mothers Day, Fathers get the picture.  Any of those times when you find yourself lost in the card isle at the local grocery store searching for that perfect card that you know is going to arrive late because you just remembered and the date is now two days away.  Face it, we've all been there, done that.  Anyway, due to Tracy's service I no longer find myself in that situation.  Here's her website, check it out!  It's well worth every cent and think of the smile you will put on the face of all your loved ones when they go shuffle through the mess of the mail and find a beautiful birthday card from you!

Oh and if you feel like going old school and bringing it back to writing a note to a pal, Tracy and I have teamed up to create some awesome gift sets. 

   How about a little something for the holidays...

Or just a cute set for dropping a line...

Makes a great gift for just about anyone on your holiday gift list!    All of the styles  (and more to come) are available at;

So with that I'm off to have a glamorous evening at the Fox Theater, complete with a beautiful dinner and lovely glass of wine at one of Atlanta's finest restaurants.  Oh that's right, who am I kidding...I'm turning of the computer and heading to the kitchen to make dinner.  A girl can dream right?!  

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  1. THANK YOU my Favorite "Note writing" friend!!! Love you tons! Love your blogs!